What is old school fashion? Its ingredients are that of fashions from the 1970s through 1980s. Our fashion conscious young adults and teens are the source for bringing back Old School Fashion. We all can remember the top hats and numerous petticoats era of our past and you can be assured that Fashion Trends have definitely come a long way. Some you might say “thank goodness” for that and yet others would say bring our history of fashions back for another run.

While fashions of today are definitely more of a combination of function while pleasing to the eye, some would think it’s due to progress made in the area of fashion, and would not dare look back to our past. Reality has a way of denying what we all think. But whether you are pleased to see it happen or otherwise, we will be and are experiencing a revival of the popular fashion styles from our past. And so you see, Old School Fashion has a way of coming back.

Now Old school fashion is not merely clothing but also it is apparent in our accessories and even our hairstyles (we all remember the beehive or you may remember it as the B-52). It is also evident in the attitude of our youth. Okay, okay the big question is why? Why is old school fashion coming back?

There are numerous reasons why we all play our part in bringing back old school fashion. I suppose mostly it is the fascination with our past. And what’s more it all started with television. Perhaps what you don’t know is that those of you that are fascinated with our past are the same people that grew up watching reruns of old shows such as Happy Days for instance. And those of us (You know who we are) also enjoy watching That 70’s Show. There is something nostalgic about those shows that just send us back to that era.

We’ve been shown so much old school fashion; let’s face it-it’s in our media, movies, old TV and even at the cinema. We all remember watching shows like Starsky and Hutch and Charlie’s Angels. Come to think of it Old School Fashion is even portrayed in our choice of automobiles but we won’t touch on that this go around.

The media was the spark that lit the fire that brought this revival. But where is the fuel? I suppose the truth of the matter would be that some of us like the old school fashion. It helps us reconnect with a past which was not nearly as complicated. I believe this to be THE reason why it continues to resurface because each time it does we find that we actually liked it.

As this happens it becomes quite popular and even sexy. Let’s face it; old school fashion was designed to show off the human body. Everything was fitted, shirts, pants, not to mention cool patterns and designs and fabrics, these are the trademarks of our past, a past which young people of today have not experienced.

Most of us think old school fashion to be very cool, especially with today’s technology and comfortable fabrics, these designs can showy and casual at the same time.

You still ask; why is old school fashion coming back? Some of us would say we are merely trying to claim a past that never really existed for us. Others would say they are trying to extract the best things out of the past. I suppose it is inherent that old school fashion was brought into today because we never really brought all the bad memories with it. So Old school fashion’s existence is either due to grasping the beautiful past or it is simply a shrewd metaphor for selective amnesia. One thing for sure is you will find yourself facing that question yourselves.

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