Everyone wants to look good. Especially when it comes to us guys. Unfortunately though, there are a good number of men out there who just plain and simply don't know how to dress. I'm as big of a fan of jeans and a t-shirt as the next guy but there are times when we need to dress up a little more and are required to wear dress pants and shirts. It's time for guys to wake up to the world of men's fashion.

Men's fashion is all about using permanent and classic styles. The first thing you need to do is assess your lifestyle. Maybe you wear a suit every day. Then buy several suits, not just one or two. Perhaps you work in a more business casual setting. The go shopping for khakis or jeans instead of suits. No matter what your job is, there are things you and every other guy out there should have in your closet.

Being well dressed and looking isn't hard work especially when you know the basic principles of men's fashion. These principles are short and easy to remember. Here's the list to keep in mind next time you're dressing up for work or that important dinner date.

No sneakers - The first rule to always remember when dressing for work is to never wear jeans or sneakers. I know there are many companies that allow you to wear jeans on Fridays. That's ok but stay away from sneakers. If you're worried about comfort while working on your feet all day then wear a pair of good fitting Italian loafers in a dark color. They are just as comfortable as sneakers and look much more stylish.

Wear a tie - Men's ties look good and should be worn a lot more around the office. Next time you have work, wear a tie as a fashion experiment. You won't believe your eyes with amount of respect you'll see that day and the amount of heads you'll turn. It doesn't matter what color the tie is or if it even goes with your shirt as long as it looks good, you'll look good. You will undoubtedly look more stylish wearing one than you would without. Try wearing different and unconventional colors. Try out ties that are bold, subtle, wild, or subdued with patterns. Even try one with stripes or dots, anything works.

Go formal - If you want to be a power player in the office, the type and color of your pants will play a big part in that. That is why you need to own couple of black, gray, khaki, and brown chinos. Then you can mix and match them with some nice formal shirts. There are some men who choose formality and propriety over comfort. You'll find them wearing traditional pleated straight cut pants of navy blue, military green look flattering. Some men like a nice flat front pants with a boot leg cut at the bottom too. Avoid shirts with prominent patterns. Subtle colors like beige in self-print work well. A good pin-stripped dress shirt never goes out of style.

Socks - Don't wear white socks to work. You're going to the office, not the gym. Wear a mixture of black and other dark colors.

Hair - Try to wear your hair neatly and to make sure its perfectly groomed use mousse or gel to make it last.

Cologne - You always need to look your best and smell your best. If you smell bad then no amount of expensive clothing is going to help you. Never mix up your scents and use the same brand of after-shave and cologne. This helps your fragrance last longer.

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