The Right Watch for the Right Job You wouldn't give your grandmother a scuba diving watch for her birthday if she was afraid of the water. You wouldn't give a carpenter an expensive antique watch that couldn't be covered in dust? Choosing the right watch for the right person is more important that just thinking about their favorite color. Important things to consider:

* What do they do for a living?

* What is their level of activity in a day?

* Does fashion or function matter to them?

Consider these points when choosing a personalized watch. Considering what style not to choose is just as important as the watch you do choose. When you give a watch as a gift, you are giving the person a personal, intimate gift that they will be wearing on their wrist for all the world to see- this personalized watch represents them! You will make them feel special that you took the time to consider how and where the watch will be worn. My father is a nurse, so I am going to buy him a nurse watch the kind of watch that has a second hand because he takes people's heart rate.

It will also be scratch resistant and have a comfortable leather band that is waterproof, because as a nurse, he washes his hands a lot. When it comes to shopping for a kid, you have to think about comfort, size and durability. Some children do not know how to tell time yet.

A youth digital watch is the solution to all of those questions. Digital, so the child can read what time it is without having to read the hands on a clock face, "youth" means small size bands and a small time piece so that it fits on a small wrist. A personalized watch for the golfer in your life, for whom is hard to shop for because he or she already has everything is a golf bag watch. A clever, classy time piece to wear on the course or off.

A golf bag watch is made with soft leather that withstands sweat, is waterproof and essentially, weatherproof. Sometimes though, there are people in your life who are not as active as others and the look of the watch means more to them than anything else. Think about your cousin, who would only wear name brand clothing and designer jewelry. For my mother, I am going to buy her a mom watch- a kind of watch that represents all that she does. I'm going to go through a company that specializes in personalized watches. I'm going to request that they put a pug on the watch, make the watchband fabric a leopard skin band and rhinestones around the clock face.

There are thousands of choices to consider when making the right choice when buying the right watch. The most important thing to remember is, when giving a personalized watch gift, is that it comes from the heart.

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