Spring 2006 fashion this season follows a lighter look than the last year. The key element is to mix and match the old fashion trend with the new one in a symmetrical manner. Even international fashion house like Gucci is re-introducing old prints and patterns with a modern outlook. For the footwear boots with open toe-style and bamboo platforms are hot this season. Usage of shoulder pads is totally out.

To make a fashion statement it is important to arrange the accessories and hair also accordingly. In order to make a fashion statement through accessories this spring/winter, choose huge neck pieces and fill your hands with more than one bracelets, if possible of wood and shells. For the young generation of the age group of 16-25 years As described earlier revival of old styles with modern outlook is the call of the season , therefore formal dresses with classic styles with a blend of modern style is the most preferred style.

Color Trends

For the swimwear- bikinis in gold and silver metallic colours will be in huge demand, for men swimsuits/shorts with colourful prints will be in this season. For the formal wear halters and shrugs with bright colours like purple, gold and green and dresses with sequence would look good. Dressing from top-to-toe in single black colour tone is out. Instead smart combination of black and white is in.

For example- Black velvet trousers paired with crisp white linen shirt would look fashionable. As stated earlier combination of black and white is in huge demand, like black and white striped sweater paired with black skinny pants would look flattering. In prints also colour shades of purple, pink, green and orange are the latest colours to be followed.

Hot colours of this season are mustard, wine reds, ginger tones, violet purples and moss greens. Experiment with colours like burnt orange merging with reds of the velvet fabric. Such outfit can be enhanced by addition of embroidery or appliqu which would provide the vintage look feel. White in combination with pastel shades can also be considered. Black colour is being taken over by shades of green and khaki colour. These neutrals are not as neutral as they sound. Moreover for the people on whom shade of khaki or olive greens do not suit try to pair them with other colour shades that would enhance your look. This season go for berry colors and purples instead of black.

Choice of Fabrics

Choose soft and rich fabrics like satin, velvet and silk. The key element is to blend comfort with luxury. Fall/Winter 06 collection is about combining bright colour shades with rich and soft fabrics. Black silk, black gauze, black taffeta, penne velvet black denim, black cashmere, black jet, corduroy, black suede and Shear ling add touches of sophistication and glamour to new trends. The rich and soft fabrics should be worn in mix-n-match combinations. . It is the time for the revival for the antique brocade fabrics. Apart from the original soft velvet other types of velvet and fabrics like penny velvet, corduroy, suede, leather reptilian skins is also a great option this winter. Furs and hides are back with a bang. If you are an animal lover pot for artificially made furs and hides. As far as animal prints are concerned crocodile print is in.

Style Selection

For men well tailored and well-groomed look is in. No more gypsy and pop star look. Suits that are body hugging would be in demand. The length of the suit jackets and blazers has shortened in length sleevewise and also body lengthwise. Casual wear fashion statement could be made by well stitched linen suits and shirts that are military styled. For men's hairstyle long cuts with wavy look is too hot. The hair should be air-dried and natural rather than styled by hair setting gels or sprays. The Beatnik style has revived back.

In chilling winter pair your black and white sweater or short dress black with tight fitting jeans or tights. Accessorize it with knee-length long boots of black colour, or black patent slippers. Also in footwear silhouette for winter season is recommended, but if your body frame is not slim you could choose silhouettes that are less fitting. It could be paired with narrow leather belts, shoes of retro style, vintage handbags and a striped scarf. This year's winter collection is inspired by 1960's look.

Sleeves of different shapes, sizes and cuts will be in demand. Some of the different types of sleeves are half sleeves, full and tight sleeves, three quarter sleeves, puffed sleeves, printed sleeves, etc. Checks of vibrant colours, colourful tartans and tweeds are to be used in coats, dresses and skirts boldly vibrant colored checks, colorful tartans and tweeds are all used in coats, dresses and skirts that are loose-fitting of flowing folds of fabric.

Fur coats with a narrow edge, long cardigan jackets and non-symmetric cardigan wraps would look fashionable. To make a fashion statement you can opt for styles like short and swingy jackets, slimmer skirts, tights, wide-leg cuffed trousers and natural prints like flowers, birds, etc. Gypsy skirts, kaftans, waistcoats, military jackets and warrior belts are not recommended by fashion pundits this season.

Make your New Year special by wrapping yourself with soft free-flowing silky dress upto ankle length having sensual, romantic print. Or else a styled long flowing skirt with skin tight top with cashmere sweater is also so feminine. It could be paired with silhouettes and a bag that is matching but small in size. Please do not accessorize your outfit with chunky jewelry but opt for long stone embedded dangling earrings with a teardrop pendant. The trick is to add that perfect sweater or cardigan to your outfit and make it the main attractive feature of your outfit.