Movie stars are wearing them; fashion celebrities take pleasure in their suppleness and warmth. Its not just women who wear them, but men as well are appreciating their unique touch. The item is one: an exquisite cashmere scarf or shawl. Exquisiteness is the exact word to describe a pashmina or cashmere scarf. In fact, pashmina is exquisiteness by definition, from the very wool it is made from to the attention-requiring process a cashmere scarf goes through to reach its final, elegant shape.

A cashmere scarf or any other pashmina article can be just the thing you are looking for if you want to make a gorgeous and really touching gift to someone you truly appreciate. And, as a matter of fact, you can make a gift to yourself from a cashmere scarf just to spoil yourself for a change. Any pashmina clothing item or throw, the same as any good-quality cashmere scarf will enhance the general appearance of the person wearing it or of the bed or sofa decorated with it.

There is need to bring one explanation here. We keep paralleling pashmina and cashmere; the fact is that pashmina is cashmere in its finest display. Both a pashmina and a select cashmere scarf are obtained by hand weaving the wool sheared from the goats living on the high Himalayan areas. A pashmina however is often more delicate than cashmere, which leads to the corresponding distinction. Nevertheless, in terms of value, they can equally compete between them. Refinement is obvious both in the choice of a pashmina or of a cashmere scarf.

The smoothness of a pashmina or cashmere scarf is without comparison. A carefully selected pashmina or cashmere scarf will turn the most unpretentious outfit into the most well-groomed guise. Have you ever seen, on television or in person, a stylish personality wearing any kind of pashmina (maybe a shawl or a hat) or a cashmere scarf? You surely have, for cashmere has made quite a rich, definite comeback on the ample, generous domain of elegance.

Have you ever wondered what exact piece of clothing made unique and refined a certain celebrity or just a simple man or woman you happened to see one day intersecting with you? Most of the times, a single accessory is sufficient to transform the entire exterior appearance of a person. Did you happen to catch a glance of a cashmere scarf beautifully and comfortably putting the finishing touches to an elegant attire? Then surely elegance had reached its maximum.

Of course, you want to try for yourself the treat that such an appearance may occasion. The opportunities of choice of the suitable cashmere garment are practically limitless. Cashmere accessories come in all colors to fit other clothes from your wardrobe, to fit your other accessories or simply to fit your complexion. However, the general advice is to try to avoid associating your cashmere items with rough pieces of clothing, since, first and foremost, they simply do not match each other, and, additionally, rough materials are very likely to blemish the perfection of cashmere. Cashmere, when coming into contact with rough surfaces (for instance, metal) will most likely be submitted to pilling. This is a consequence of the fact that cashmere suffers from being rubbed against coarse materials.

This is why it is normally indicated that, in case you want to enjoy the normal long-lasting company of a cashmere shawl or scarf, you should not attempt to clean it with a brush. This method will only cause friction, as a result of which cashmere will turn covered in small balls of matted fibers. It would certainly be a pity, since the refinement of such an article could attend you for a longer time interval than you might think; of course, if you do not wash it in hot water, if you do not twist the material when washing it and if you do not dry it at the sun or some other form of direct heat. In other words, proper care is equivalent with the corresponding long-term delicate satisfaction cashmere is defined by.

Therefore, are you by any chance looking for the flawless, completely welcome gift? Or are you perhaps searching for a gift you could make to yourself, a gift to match your merits? Then you have every delicate, soft, warm, cozy and smooth reason to take a closer look into the realm of cashmere articles.


A luxury pashmina or cashmere scarf is expected to meet every stylish individuals taste. Cashmere makes no discrimination: both men and women are welcome to delight in its exquisiteness.



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