Clothing labels must be attached to all clothing sold in the United States. These product labels have a standardized information scheme that has been created by the Federal Trade Commission, which ensures that you are getting what you have paid for.

It also has other benefits such as warning you how to properly clean and wash your garments, as well as what types of clothing may be flammable.

Clothing information is very important for certain types of businesses. The regulations cover the manufacturers of these products, as well as their importers. In addition to the sellers of complete products, labeling regulations are also required for sellers who sell pieces of fabric that are intended to be combined into a garment by people working at home. The laws also cover a controlling organization that is directing another person or company who is performing manufacturing or importing.

Some types of clothing are exempt from these rules. Since these laws are intended to cover worn clothing that covers the body, items that only cover a small portion of the body are exempt as well as items that are normally worn as an outside covering for other garments. This includes shoes and boots as well as gloves and hats, as well as some smaller pieces of fabric and items such as ties, handkerchiefs, suspenders and belts that are worn over clothing that covers the body.

Labels are usually made out of a material such as satin coated acetate, because this is relatively durable so it can be folded, and the satin finish is attractive to clothing buyers. Other common materials used in clothing labels include polyester, nylon, and cotton twill for printed labels, as well as taffeta, satin, and damask for woven labels.

Clothing labels focus on a few major areas.

One of the most important areas is the country that the clothing was manufactured. This can be important for payment of all the import fees, as well as ensuring that inspection was carried out to US standards.

Many customers will also check the product label, as sometimes the retail price of a piece of clothing can depend on the country it was manufactured in, and other customers will not buy products made in certain areas. In addition, there may be a trade embargo on clothing manufactured in certain countries.

Labels are also important to ensure that clothing is easy for the buyer to clean and maintain.

Usually there is a product label telling the buyer what water temperatures are acceptable for washing clothing. These include Hot, Warm, and Cold Water and correspond to the temperatures on a washing machine. Items that can be washed in hot water can usually be safely washed in colder water, but items that are labeled cold water only may be discolored or melted if placed in water that is too hot. These codes are standardized by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.

A reasonable basis is required for all labeling instructions. One example is that you cannot place a product label of dry cleaning only on a piece of fabric that can be washed in a normal washing machine. If dyes are known to bleed, you can only allow machine washing if you are sure that this is not likely to happen, and the best way to ensure that you are safe is to test the fabric yourself.

Since many fabrics are blends of several types of material, you must make sure that the label accurately describes the entire product. So if you have some fabric that requires dry cleaning or a cold water wash that is combined with a more durable fabric, use the requirements for the less durable fabric as the main clothing label.

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