Have you ever thought of decorating your home with a oriental rug? Oriental rugs are beautiful. They have intricate designs and colors. They can be considered as pieces of art perfected through 2,500 years of know how. Where does oriental rug come from? They come from many locations and countries. Countries that make them include Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, India, Iran, Pakistan, China, Vietnam and Nepal. They were brought to the West during the Crusades and have fascinated the West ever since.

The quality of oriental rugs is such that it can last for decades. There is demand for antique oriental rugs nowadays. Some people even display their oriental rugs on the walls. You can even sell your oriental rug bought many years ago for a higher price than your original purchase price . If you are fanatical about oriental rugs you can start your home decor with the oriental rug first then you choose the rest of the furnishing to complement the oriental rug. Nowadays oriental rugs are made for the modern home in mind so you can easily find rugs with colors that match your room. The range of colors available include black, yellow, pastel pink, red, peach, apricot, green, and blue.

Oriental rugs are characterized by borders. There are different types of design of borders. Oriental rugs fall into two types of design. The geometric and the curvilinear designs. The geometric design consists of straight lines or angular patterns while curvilinear designs have floral motifs and curved outlines. Geometric designs go well in informal setting while curvilinear designs are at home in formal or opulent setting.

Oriental rugs that feature a central medallion are placed in the middle of the room. These rugs would not be suitable for dinning room where the rug is placed under the dining table.A better choice for the dinning would be an oriental rug with repeated motifs. The color of the rug should match the color of the room. It could be the wall color or perhaps chairs and doors of the same color. Oriental rugs go well with classical furniture. You could have Queen Anne chairs placed in the room.

Another good idea is to have similar fabric design on the chairs or benches that match the theme of the oriental rug. How do you determine the size of the rug? There is no hard and fast rule. Some people put their furniture such as sofa on the oriental rug while others place their furniture on the floor itself. If you are getting an oriental rug for the dining room, make sure it is big enough to allow for the sliding movement of the chairs without the chairs moving out of the rug.

How do you determine the quality of an oriental rug? Look for natural materials such as wool, silk and cotton. The quality of synthetic fibers is not as good as natural fibers. The next thing you need to check is whether the rug is handmade or machine made. The uniqueness of the design and the intricacy of the design also determine the value of the rug. Lastly, the country of origin also determines the price of the rug.

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