For your job interview, look and wear professional clothing to give a good first impression. Your appearance and the clothing that you choose to wear may determine if that job position is to be filled by you or by someone else that took the time to be more presentable. Your resum may be impressive but that is only part of the hiring package. It is not a difficult task in putting together an outfit. What it does take are some simple basic rules and common sense. This information is focused towards high profile corporate businesses though it can be applied to many others that are not high profile.

Professional clothes and style

There are a few clothing styles for both men and women that can be selected but it is important to be wise with your choices. Depending on the high profile of a corporate business, it is safe to say that the appropriate attire for both genders would be a nice business suit. Black, charcoal, or grey would be good choices of colors. If you are going with pin-stripes, make sure they are subtle.

Women's clothing

A woman's suit can be with pants or skirt, though it would be appropriate for the skirt to cover or at the knees. Women should also make sure their blouses are subtle in color and design, also not too revealing. Fingernail polish should not be bright or decorative. Small stud earrings along with closed toe, low-heeled shoes should be worn. Use fragrance lightly because too much can be nauseating and distracting. If you wear lipstick, a neutral color would be suitable. Though handbags and purses are fashionable, replace it with a nice briefcase. You can probably fit a small purse or some of the personal items inside the case along with important documentation.

Men's clothing

A nice shirt, tie, and belt to go with the suit should do well. Make sure the tie is subtle and does not draw a lot of attention. Depending on the position sought after, a stylish mock turtleneck would look great. Fragrance should be put on lightly for subtlety not distraction. Wear a good pair of dress shoes that will compliment the attire.

An important feature of the suits for both men and women is that they should be tailored. Shirts, ties, blouses, socks for men, nylons for women, and belts should be well coordinated. I you have any questions or concerns about what to wear, visit your local clothing department or specialty clothing store and consult with the department clerk.

Piercings, tattoos, and hairstyles

Any piercings of the face such as the nose, brow, lip, cheek, and tongue should be taken out. Men should also take out any earrings. Tattoos should be covered up as much as possible. The look for any hairstyle is well groomed, clean, and conservative. Conservative meaning the hair would need to be tied back if long or obtain a nice cut and style relative to those already in the business.

The bottom line

The bottom line in looking and dressing professional is that you are revealing to your future employers the effort and pride it takes in looking the part and setting an example of what the company represents. How you dress will denote how organized and driven you are as an individual. If you want the job, look the part.

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