Visual effects play a big part in how a gymnastics routine is received by judges and every gymnast wants to wear a leotard that is gorgeous. Therefore, it is very important for a gymnast to select apparel that is form fitting, colorful and encrusted with crystals and sequins. These will highlights will reflect indoor lighting well and give the gymnasts body movements a fluid motion that is magical at times.

A gymnast will also need leotards for workouts too and this style of gymnastics apparel will have to be made of durable materials that will stand up to many workouts over the course of a year. The leotard worn for workouts will be chosen more for fit than for style, but many gymnasts will select leotards in a large variety of colors because they are motivational items that keep their spirits high while learning new routines.

The leotards that are worn in gymnastics can also be worn for other sports too. The workout leotard is made of absorbent materials that will keep perspiration away from the body and serve to keep the athlete cool as they are performing rigorous amounts of exercise. They are a common fashion accessory for dancers whether they are training for a chorus line or a Broadway stage.

Most gymnastics team will have matching colors for the leotards, warm-up suits and accessories they wear while in competition or on the way to meets. The gymnast will enter the gymnasium area in warm up suits that are fashioned in the team colors that stretch the length of their bodies, but no designs will show on the rear of the leotard worn underneath the warm-up suit. The gymnast will wear this type of attire to keep muscles from getting tense and they will perform exercises on the sidelines to ensure that their muscles do not tighten and cramp during a competition.

These warm up suits will be removed before the gymnast enters the competition areas where the actual event will be performed. The warm up suit will usually be made of lightweight materials that will resist wrinkling. A gymnast will have greater confidence in front of the crowds of people that come to see them perform because they know they will look good in their warm up suits, even if it has been folded up in a travel bags for many hours before it is worn.

Some sponsors require gymnasts to wear a certain style of warm up suit and leotard that features their logo on the back of the jacket or over the front pocket. Many sponsors have been very creative in placing the logos on the outside of jackets in two places so that fans can see the logo from all angles. The official uniform of some gymnastics teams will have to comply with the rules delineated by the Olympic Uniform Rules Committee and bear the emblem of the U.S. Olympic team on them. This is one gymnastic uniform that all gymnasts dream of wearing one day and everyday they train they have this goal in mind, no matter which piece of gymnastics equipment they are working on that day.

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