9. If possible, give customers a choice as to the solution to their problem. They'll view their experience with less pain that way. If they couldn't download your e-book because of some technical difficulty, they might want a full refund, they might want the chance to download the e-book again, or they might prefer that you email them the e-book.

10. If you do it carefully, you can use some customer service situations to upsell customers. "Martha, did you notice on our Web site that you can get a second widget at half price? If I ship them today, both widgets will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. Gift-wrapping is included, by the way." Now stop talking and let Martha sell herself on your offer. This is not the time for a hard sales pitch!

How does good customer service increase your revenue? Every customer service encounter gives you another chance to:

- improve customer loyalty
- correct problems in your buying cycle
- upsell customers.

By retaining customer loyalty you now have the chance to sell this customer something else, and you can rest assured they'll say positive things about your company. Remember, a satisfied customer will tell five people, but a dissatisfied customer will tell twenty-five people!

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Andrea Wilson is a former customer service professional who now owns Able Webs, an online Web design business. Visit http://www.ablewebs.com and subscribe to "Web Marketing Today" to learn proven tips and tricks to marketing your business on the Web.