1. Abstract

Over a period of the last 5 or 6 years this author has worked with many individual organisations with the Textile Industry of Peru. These include individual dyehouses, dyestuff and chemical auxiliary suppliers and the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce.

Most of the Dyeing & Finishing operations who export do so to North America. There are one or two high quality operations, however, who export directly to Europe.

Many within the Peruvian Industry are fearful of the challenge of Asia, particularly from China and India. Accordingly this author was asked by the Peruvian Textile Association to speak on the subject. The full text of this article is a review of that address.

This paper is concerned with the dyeing and finishing of textiles in a developed industry, and how that industry can compete with the threat on low price from developing Asia.

Examples of wining strategies refer specifically to the exhaust dyeing of Cellulosic fibres with reactive dyes; but the principles involved apply throughout the dyeing and finishing industry.


By operating at lower process costs by virtue of higher efficiency, and focussing on lead-time. The contrasting views of European and USA consumers on critical purchasing issues will be reviewed. Exporters from Europe have also focussed on improving productivity in order to reduce lead times; and have evolved a way of responding to the volatile demands of fashion which is not price driven.

There is no reason why these winning strategies can not be applied within the Peruvian Textile Industry.

Two case studies from direct working experience are included to illustrate the value and impact of improving Dyehouse Productivity on Dynamic Response and shortening Lead Time.

2. Full Article

Surviving the Challenges of Asia: A Winning Strategy for Peruvian Textiles

2.1               Introduction

Creating Wealth

Improving Dyehouse Productivity lies at the very heart of improving profitability on existing business, creating new opportunities, creating better opportunities and boosting Profits.