Originally published in Fibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe (FTEE)


In this study, we investigated the effects of some navel properties such as form, number of grooves, fluted insert, material, lengths of ceramic part and grooves on rotor yarn spun from 100% cotton waste. Ten navels with different technical properties were used for spinning coarse (49-tex) rotor yarn. Finally, by considering the raw material characteristics, results regarding the relations between navel properties and rotor yarn quality were put forward. Some information concerning the selection of the proper navel for these conditions was also given. According to the results, the best values for evenness and imperfections were obtained by using plain steel navel (SGF); spiral ceramic navel (KS) showed a better performance than SGF for the properties directly related to deformation given to yarn, such as hairiness, tenacity and elongation. These results are attributed to the minimum deformation given by these navels to yarn spun from cotton with very high short fibre and impurity content.

Keywords: Navels, groove, fluted insert, cotton waste, rotor yarn quality.

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