Shoes are a vital element to any outfit and look. The shoes that you choose to wear can lift any pair of pants or suit from looking good to looking absolutely amazing. The right pair of shoes will do wonders to give your posture the right support and will make or break your overall visual impression. So it is essential that you give good attention and care to the shoes that you are wearing.

An important and basic factor when it comes to shoes is to make sure that the shoes that you wear to the work are well suited to the needs and dress code of your work or the occasion. That means don't go wearing trainers with your tuxedo to your uncles wedding. When it comes to work this means that you need to keep in mind the overall dress code of your profession while also giving credence to the more specific dress code of your particular work environment and colleagues. If you work in a formal office environment that requires that you wear suits you need to match your shoes to the same level of smartness as your suits. For the formal office environment a closed and often laced up smart leather, or even fake leather, shoe is ideal. Once you have the right style of shoe matched up to your clothing you need to consider the colors of shoes that you will need. This again you do by matching your shoes up to your suits and pants through a good understanding of basic color co-ordination. If your suit pants are gray, black or blue then you can be safe with a smart pair of black shoes. If you are wearing a classic brown suit or smart denims you may even venture into wearing a pair of elegant brown shoes. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will serve well with a range of suits then black is generally a good shoe to choose. While you are traveling on business trips an elegant and versatile pair of black shoes are usually all you will need. Just be sure to keep them in good condition and keep them well shone.

For smart and formal occasions you can often wear the same pair of shoes. But if you want to step up your look you could wear a pair of high-shine patent leather shoes or shoes with a bit of a heel. By mixing and matching your shoes with your suits and pants you can create a diversity of looks without having to own a huge range of wardrobe. Another important factor is to take good care of your shoes. Be careful not to scuff your shoes and always be sure to keep them clean and shiny with regular polishing.

There are however a few things regarding shoes that extend beyond just them looking good. You need to make sure that your shoes fit you properly. Poorly fitted shoes can lead to blisters and long term back and posture problems. While you are aiming to look your best in a pair of shoes do not ever compromise your health, it is vitally important to look good and to do so in while taking good care of your health.

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