As painting a house that is dark brown, black, red, navy, forest, etc. using white, or light color of paint, it may need two coats or an under-base. It same holds true for screen-printing any LIGHTER color of inks on a DARKER color of garment. Wile printing light color inks, especially white ink, on certain dye colors red and orange are the worst. There is a possibility of dye migration. Particular dye from the garment material can transfer to the white ink and cause the ink to be discolored. It cannot guarantee the final results of any order using a white ink on a darker color garment substrate, especially on red.

While printing on dark colors of garments a separate screen of white under-base is highly recommended. The under-base keeps the top viewed colors from blending with the dark background garment dye which produces a muted image color known as bleeding. And if white ink is not one of your design colors, and then you need to ADD this white screen to the total colors in your design - can increase you costs. And also the graphics for printing on dark colors are bolder - without fine details since a heavy layer of light colored ink must be applied in order to cover the dark substrate and prevent bleeding.

Images black and white or colored are not useable for textile printing. These images are composed of fine dots which get lost in the screen mesh and in the course weave of the garments. Because of the same reason avoid shades, blends, and shadows in your artwork for screen printing on textiles. A thing composed of dots should be avoided. People say the best artwork for printing on textiles is: - the bolder, the less complicated, the more eve-appeal like reading a highway billboard - only a quick view to get the message.

Here is some money Saving Tips in the printing technology like, print fewer ink colors as each color requires a separate screen, always try to print on fewer locations like front only instead of front and back, do use White or Ash Grey t-shirts as other colors cost more and last not the least always order in larger quantities. And have you ever thought about printing your own T shirt design, if yes, then there are many places that will do tee shirt design printing or you can also do it yourself. And if you are somewhat computer literate, you can buy some software that will help you do your own. In the market we can see there are many software which will make the custom shirt printing very easy.

About the Author:

John Bush is a professional fashion designer with 10 years of experience in the Custom Printed T shirts design and Screen Printing T Shirts design field.

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