Why Enzymes:-

1)       It is bio-degradable. Hence eco-friendly

But Enzyme is very sensitive to following factor:-

     i.   PH

     ii.  Heavy metal ion

     iii. Temp.

List of Enzyme used in Pretreatment process for cotton woven fabric:-

For Example:

1)    Amylases: which converts amylase and amyl pectin polymer commonly referred to as starch into water soluble shorter chain. dfdsfsf

2)    Pectinases: Which hydrolysis pectin consisting of linear polymers of galacturonic acid (Bio-scouring Caustic)

3)    Catalyses or peroxidasis: which catalyse the decomposition of peroxide also known as peroxide killer.

4)    Cellulases: which catalysis the hydrolysis of cellulosic material (Bio-singing or Bio-polishing).

5)    Bacterial enzyme: used in desizing for woven fabric.

Case study:-


Quality: 100% cotton fabric.

Count:-2/40 (warp) 20(Weft)

Quantity: 2400 metre /290 kg (Approx).

Shade:-Khakhi (Military dress)

Place: Sri Lanka

Water hardness:-70 ppm

Process sequence: desize-wash-mercerize-wash-scouring-wash-cold wash-peroxides bleach- peroxides neutralizing-hot wash-cold wash-neutralizing-drying and batching-pad-silicate(Dyeing) soaper wash-drying and batching for printing.

M/C used: Padding m/c, soaper machine and jumbo jigger machine.

        i.      Desize:-Bacterial enzyme (Imported):-3 gram per liter.

Common salt=10 gram liter.

Non-ionic wetting agent=0.5 gram per liter.

(Ph maintained with acetic acid 5.5, temperature=60-65 degree Celsius)

Padding and batching for 4 hour- soaper wash.

Total time for desizing:-8 hour 40 minute

       ii.      Scouring:-Caustic soda = 60 gpl

Crypto-anionic wetting agent = 0.5 gpl

Fellosan jet=0.05 gpl

Padding and batching for 90 minute (with closed steaming chamber)---jigger wash.

Total time=6 hours

     iii.       Bleaching, neturalising and stenter drying:-

Total time:-8.40 hour

      iv.      Pad silicate and soaper wash (Dyeing process)

Batching time=16 hour.

Total time=21.30 hour

Total time =i+ ii + iii+ iv: 8.40+6+8.40+21.30 hours =46 hour 30 minute.