Bamboo is one of the planets most versatile grasses. It grows very fast, even up to one foot in a day depending on the right conditions. Having around 1400 species, this plant has multiple uses; can be eaten, worn as clothes, used for construction purposes etc. In China, a special kind of palatable beer is made from bamboo. Aromatic perfumes and life saving medicines are also made from it. It can be grown and replenished with no impact to the environment. It produces greater biomass and 30% more oxygen than a hardwood forest. It mitigates water pollution due to its high nitrogen consumption. It helps to reduce carbon dioxide gases that are responsible for global warming. The latest advancement in nanotechnology has given a new and constructive dimension to this plant through Bamboo Charcoal Fabrics.


Medical industry is aware of the benefits of charcoal as an odor absorbing material. Charcoal is capable of absorbing harmful elements from gases and fluids. Activated charcoal fabrics are the latest innovation is this process. This fabric has nano particles of bamboo in its fibre.



Bamboo charcoal fabric is made by drying and burning bamboo plants that are five or more years older; inside an oven at a temperature above 800˚C. The burnt bamboo now becomes charcoal. This charcoal is further processed and is made into nano particles. These nano particles are embedded into cotton or polyester fibres. These fibres are used to make bamboo charcoal yarn from which fabrics are manufactured.


Virtues of the Fabric:


These fabrics posses antibacterial and antifungal qualities of natural bamboo. It has deodorizing abilities. This yarn has a cross-section that contains micro holes. Hence it has better moisture absorption abilities. It absorbs and dries sweat fast and gives comfort to the wearer. This fabric does not stick to the skin in summer. On the contrary, during cold winters, they prove to be excellent insulators as well. Bamboo charcoal nano particles can absorb far infrared rays from the environment, and pass it to the body cells. Far infrared rays can penetrate deep inside the skin and improve blood circulation. Thus, these garments provide way for healthy living. Fabrics made from bamboo charcoal do not have any chemicals, and hence is anti allergic. Nano particles are embedded in the fabric and not simply coated. Hence, the garment remains durable even after many washes. This yarn cannot be dyed, as it will take away its eco friendly virtues. But it can be effectively combined with other fibres for getting vibrant colors.




Bamboo charcoal fabrics are used in houses by placing them in between flooring materials, sub floor, drywall and wall frames to create a healthy living environment. It absorbs gaseous materials and sweat like a sponge absorbs water. These fabrics are used in the manufacture of inner garments. This material is safe with no side effects, when worn touching the skin. They are used in the manufacture of inner garments, socks, knee caps, wrist bands etc. These garments can resist unpleasant odor, retain heat, prevent electromagnetic radiation and keep moisture low.



Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Bamboo fabric is a soft and comfortable material, and the designers using it are increasing all the time as fast as the plant grows. By combining this fabric with other fibres, impressive hues are brought in the clothes. Due to its luxurious softness, smooth flowing, gentle drape, along with economical prices, this fabric has gained entry throughout the fashion industry. This fabric is competent to strengthen the textile industry in the global market.












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