Resilience Property of spinning Front line cot and its influence on drafted strand of material in spinning


Re-silence property of a rubber cot can be explained in terms of ability of a rubber cot to recover or regain its original geometry without any permanent deformation. The curvature of a rubber cot at the arc of contact point will be always at high stress. In this article reresilience property of RD68 rubber cot had been studied and how this property along with low compression set values enables the rubber cot to resume its original shape after being compressed elasticity , so that better contact area , nip length and good fibre control is achieved in spinning drafting zone. Secondly , main features of RD5610 / GA 5810 spinning bottom aprons like Low torque value , Higher tensile strength, Increased wear resistance, low compression set values, Increased abrasion resistance, elongation and tear strength properties, Adhesion strength and better bond ability between inner and outer layers had also been considered.


Resilience, rebound-resilience, elasticity, low compression set, nipping length, contact area, fibre control, anti-lapping properties, drafting zone, tensile strength, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, elongation, tear strength , adhesion strength, bond ability.

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The author is Manager Application Technology in Inarco Ltd, Coimbatore