As a part of preparing the country for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Government of China had emphasized on the aspects of environmental protection. Chinese authorities had introduced a sequence of bans and restrictions on chemical transportation, production and buying-selling activities from the beginning of June lasting through to 30th September in order to protect the environment during the Olympic Games. The Government had set about halting production and closing down factories. This has had a deadening effect on the Chinese domestic market which cannot supply enough dyeing and printing raw materials causing the prices to go high. As many as 1000 dyeing and printing factories had been shut down in Zhejiang Province while many others in Hebei, Henan and Shandong Province had been asked to stop production till the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. At the same time, prices of dyestuffs have increased by over 3 times and the situation was critical. Hence the exports of Chinese dyestuff products have suddenly decreased due to uncertain market condition and fluctuation which make international companies to consider developing alternative sources of suppliers.

After Olympic, some of the experts comment that the situation will be under control in a short period of time whereas some others believe that, it would be quite difficult for China to recover its global image in the Textile Dyes and Chemicals industry. has taken views of some of the traders and companies from China regarding the "Post Olympic Scenario of Chinese Dyes and Chemicals Industry". Some traders were not interested to discuss anything, and merely replied that China dyeing and textile industry is not very promising currently, while a few others came forward to share their thoughts.

Ms. Maisie from Tianjin Hui Quan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of Optical brighteners in China has shared her view with us. Ms. Maise states that In the beginning of this year, due to the influence of Olympics, the price for raw material was jumping in China, so was the price of dyestuffs and optical brighteners. Therefore, the export volume has reduced sharply. Well, domestic market was very good in the first half of year. I know many foreign mills were also affected by Olympics. As optical brighteners; manufacturer in China, we hope the price can be stable, so that export volume can return to normal in the second half of year. Now, the Olympics have finished successfully. After Olympics, we think the prices for dyestuffs and optical brighteners will be a little stable, maybe a little lower, however, the price can not be as lower as Pre-Olympics. I hope in the following days of this year, the price for raw materials can be acceptable by us mills, and the price for dyestuffs and optical brighteners can be acceptable by our customers.

Mr. Gavin from Hangzhou Guocai Chemicals Co., Ltd, specializing in the manufacture and sales of organic pigments and their intermediates, inorganic pigments, oil-soluble pigments and intermediates of pigments--H-acid and red base etc. shared his views with us. According to him In fact, Olympic has a great influence on chemical industry. First, it makes the government pay more attention to the environment. Because of this reason, some chemical factories which do the great damage to the environment have closed. Second, it makes the price of chemical products very high which will be not changed in next very long time. Third, it makes the factories to think more ways to improve the
processing technique to keep ahead.


Ms. Carol from Hangzhou Liyi Chemical Co., Ltd shared her views with us. According to her the price of dyes is falling now but still higher than before Olympic. Most of factories are involved in production. Very few of them are closed. Sending chemical samples is still difficult now; dyestuff samples sending have much restrictions in custom".

Well, a number of questions may arise in mind like how much time will be required to return to the normal stage? Will China recover its image in the global market? What happened about all those chemicals companies which had shutdown before Olympic? Will they start their operation? Will the Government take some corrective actions? etc. Time will reveal all the answers.