"A picture speaks more than a thousand words." - How true this statement is! A camera captures moments and conveys them much more effectively than words can ever attempt to. The right kind of photograph can speak volumes about a certain subject. The same holds true for fashion photography.

Fashion photography is that wonderful branch of photography that focuses specifically on 'fashion'. The trained eye of a skilled fashion photographer can work wonders for a fashion accessory, model or a show, and add to its beauty. This report seeks to study all about the field of fashion photography, including its evolution, the nitty-gritties of the life of a fashion photographer, the career as well as the scope.

This report has been prepared using a number of sources of secondary data, and an attempt has been made to design as comprehensive an account as possible.


Table of Contents

  • Section 1: What is fashion photography?

  • Section 2: Evolution of fashion photography

2.1 : The origin

2.2 : The 1920s

2.3 : The 1930s

2.4 : The 1940s

2.5 : The 1950s

2.6 : The 1960s

2.7 : The 1970s

2.8 : The 1980s

2.9 : The 1990s

2.10 : The 2000s

  • Section 3: Job description

3.1 : Pre-shooting

a) Briefing

b) Deciding upon the stylist

c) Deciding upon the models

d) Deciding upon the make-up and hair

e) Preparations

3.2 : Shooting

3.3 : Post-shooting

  • Section 4: The must-haves and must-dos

4.1 : The must-haves

4.2 : The must-dos

  • Section 5: Scope of fashion photography

  • Section 6: References

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