The project is focused on the application of nano finishes suitable for "sports wear". Fabrics with required quality specifications for a sports wear were sourced and it was chosen accordingly. The fabric chosen were Cotton, Polyester/Cotton and Cotton/Lycra. The chosen fabrics were subjected to finishing treatments using nano chemicals such as Alovera and vitamin E with softener and without softener. A Comparative study is made to assess the fabric suitability and the chemical treatment which will be more suitable for sportswear.


The revolutionary sensory perception Technology finish has opened up infinite possibilities for fibres and fabrics, clothing or interiors. Nano finishing is concerned with positive control and processing Technologies in the sub nano meter range and so must play an essential role in the fabrication of extremely precise and fine parts. SPT has applications on aromatherapy, skin benefits and medical applications, insect repellants, etc. Nano finishing has widen its applications in the textile field.


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About the Author:

The author is a Lecturer in Dept of Fashion Technology, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.