Wear & Tear of a Spinning Front Line Rubber Cot and Factors Affecting it in Terms of Usage, Abrasion Resistance of That Rubber Compound, Traverse Length, Traverse Rate, Shore a Hardness, Top Arm Loading, Fibre Volume Handled and Frictional Properties of the Processed Material


In general yarn quality is influenced by:

  • Quality of raw material
  • Opening & cleaning operations at Blow room & Carding
  • Speeds & Settings kept at various stages of yarn production and its functions.
  • Process control techniques and parameters kept at spinning
  • Humidification, (temperature and humidity)
  • Labour force training and their skills.
  • Maintenance of production equipment and vital components.

Drafting components have a significant influence on yarn quality and production costs in ring spinning. Especially spinning top roller covers i.e., cots and drafting aprons. These are the main components of the drafting mechanism and certainly it has more influence on the quality of the yarn produced. Apart from above mentioned factors that decide ultimate quality of yarn there are other factors which has a major influence on yarn quality like shore a hardness of rubber cot used, wear out rate of the cot in traverse area, abrasion resistance of the rubber compound and other parameters kept at spinning.

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