'Effect of Spinning Rubber Cot Shore Hardness on Yarn Mass Uniformity and Imperfection Levels - Part 1'


The effect of nine different spinning front line cots ( Synthetic rubber cot ) varying only in shore A hardness (56,63,65,66,68,75,83,85& 90) on 100% cotton ring spun yarn has been investigated. The change in cotton yarn properties like mass uniformity, unevenness %, Imperfection levels (in all class) with progressive change in shore A hardness has also been reported. The count and process parameters from opening and cleaning machines that covers blow room & carding then breaker & finisher drawing, speed frame and up to ring spinning kept identical. As one progress from lesser shore hardness (56) to higher shore hardness (90) the yarn unevenness % and imperfection levels gradually increases. Linear regression technique is used to analyze the data.(Linear regression is a form of regression analysis in which the relationship between one or more independent variables and another variable, called dependent variable, is modeled by a least squares function, called linear regression equation. A linear regression equation with one independent variable represents a straight line.)


Ring spinning, Shore A hardness, Spinning front line cot, cotton yarn, yarn unevenness, yarn imperfection , Linear regression

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About the Authors:

B. Sujai is Manager- Application Technology at Inarco Ltd., India and M. Sivakumar is working as Spinning Master at M/s Selvapathy Mills, Coimbatore, India.