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A very brief history the first cufflinks appeared in the early 17th century. They were an original alternative to ribbons and lace to retain handles. Considering at the beginning as a personal adornment, it was reserved to the high social class population.

In the 19th century, during the Industrial Revolution, the development of precious metal electroplating afforded the masses to get cufflinks in their wardrobe.

A wide variety of mechanisms for open and closing cufflinks appeared: the classic chain is replaced by the flip-hinge. Jewellers like Cartier and Tiffany crafted work of art cufflinks in mother of pearl, crystal; precious stones...These famous fashion names establish cufflinks as the essential accessory for men. Mirror of our history, cufflinks espouse centuries through various designs: art deco at the end of 19th century, extravagant in the period 1940-1950, eccentric in 1960 with Hollywood stars and whimsical today.

New Discoveries New...Ted Baker on a continuous improvement path have introduced a range of new cufflinks as an extension to its distinctive suiting, best known for the trademark lining and traditional tailoring in a contemporary frame.

New...Tyler and Tyler Vine cufflinks, examples of timeless styling and the ultimate in enamellings techniques, perhaps not the best known brand, but one of the best unknown mid range, suitable for corporate gifting or individual.

NewWe stumbled across a choice collection of sturdy collar stiffeners by Lbb London and Tyler & Tyler, a very functional accessory and useful gift. Once Inserted, your collars will never turn or bend at the point, or bow in the middle. And, will grip your tie knot firmly in place all the days long. Made in resin and traditional enamel, silver, or gold, the choice is enviable.

The "Icons Cufflink Collection", featuring, Che Guevara, Sir Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe are brought to vibrant life, using sterling silver, enamel and Swarovski Crystals to create instantly recognizable forms. VERITAS gifts have once again set the benchmark for style, quality and innovation in finely crafted jewellery. Made in limited quantities, so, value is retained for many years to come in the "Icons Collection".

Simplicity: The Simon Carter philosophy Simon Carter's reputation stems from his revolutionary approach to men's fashion accessories design following his introductory men's brooches, in the mid to late 80's. Some of his original designs are classified vintage. Simon Carter's cufflinks maintain a philosophy of simplicity in his designs; simple, functional, without loosing their stylish edge. His cufflinks not only firm to cuff, they glean a touch of elegance and frame perfectly an object of expression. This lovely display of style and engineering will harmonize with any outfit, formal or casual, here an important function inherent in Simon's philosophy of simplicity, a cufflink for all occasions.

Carrying on the tradition; Vivienne Westwood Cufflinks mark a significant change in the direction of men's fashion accessories. It is our pleasure to present a selection of beautifully crafted cufflinks from one of the most influential designers in British Fashion history. The Orb is now an internationally recognized brand symbol, with a difference.

Ian Flaherty. Has championed the use of Swarovski crystals in his designs shunning opportunities to manufacture overseas, all his cufflinks are made at in his Battersea studios in London. His claim to fame is the Cube, voted one of the best Fathers day gifts in 2007 by Victoria Gray of The Sunday Mail Magazine.

Lbb London They typify contemporary accessories design, choosing classical influences to buck the whimsical trends of today. Their metal cufflinks conform to all the key elements of good design. They have sold consistently well over the years.


Historic Anecdote A pioneering Paris fashion designer, Jean Patou, invented the designer tie. He made silk ties from women's clothing material including patterns inspired by the latest art movements of the day, Cubism and Art Deco.

Targeted toward women purchasers, his were highly successful. Today women buy 80 percent of sold in the US. Therefore ties are often displayed near the perfume or women's clothing departments.

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