Large flowers of water lilies are a strong bloomer throughout the season. This flower has a star like shape, sweet fragrance and dark green foliage. Water lilies are widely prevalent along the riversides and creeks in every place. They are even considered as invasive aquatic pests because of their ability to grow fast and cause water stagnation. Currently, fibres extracted from water lilies have newly entered the family of eco friendly textiles.

Everyone these days are talking about eco friendly products. Textile industry has also become aware of this trend. A new feather in the cap of eco friendly textiles is fabrics made from the lily fibres. The textile research institute from Philippines has come up with a new fibre developed from water hyacinth or water lily. After developing pineapple, abaca, and banana fibres, for manufacturing tropical fabrics, the institute has now developed water lily as a new fibre source.

A machine is used for extracting fibres from water lily and drying them. This will also speed up the process, and will also aid the local craftsman in their livelihood. These fabrics are lightweight, easy to care for, and elegant in appearance. It is naturally glossy, and has a good texture. Fibres extracted from water lilies are used for making home textiles like curtains, upholstery, table runners, napkins and many other handicrafts. Creative works like embroidery can be done on it. Tropical fibres have an edge because it is a high end product with upscale niche market, and good demand.

The Government of Philippines had been facing problems due to sliding textile industry performance due to a tough competition from China, cheap fabrics imported from other countries local labor problems, and increasing production costs. New process of manufacturing fabrics from water lilies will help the Government to preserve the eco system an also provide a viable source of income to the local residents. Since water lilies are found everywhere, manufacturing these fibres would be an easy task.

Lily fibre fabrics will give a dressy holiday look, business formal, and also for formal holiday parties. It will give a complete look, and define the style of the wearer, adding a tough to one's wardrobe.

Man has always been innovative. His creativeness has led to many new inventions and discoveries. Apparel fabrics will be a better use for the prolific water lilies. World textile industries had been devoid of new fabrics manufactured from natural fibres, and this is a great opportunity for tropical fibres from Philippines.


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