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No man needs sympathy because he has to work. By far and among the best prizes that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing

Theodare F. Roosevelt


The human body functions with the help of wide range of systems and, damage to any system via diseases, accidents or genetic aberration may give rise to special needs. As we know, the world of occupation is usually designed for the able-bodied. Consideration for the special needs of persons with disabilities do not form the part of the work processes. Therefore, it's a major area of concern that requires immediate attention, in order to open prospects for the disabled in certain fields where with adequate training they can perform various tasks successfully and competently.

Garment industry is one such pitch that can provide immense scope for employment as, the manufacturing process of garments involves repetitive, routine and continuous operations with less variation in style. The industry therefore, has a huge potential in providing gainful employment on several tasks ranging from simple to complex; from unskilled to highly skilled depending upon the aptitude and education of the person.

It has been heartening to note that in recent times awareness on capabilities of persons with disabilities is slowly but surely increasing. Much of the credit for this must go to activists who have brought their potential centre stage in all areas of activities through awareness raising programmes and by adopting a 'rights approach'. However much more needs to be done. The philosophy of 'inclusion' needs to be pushed with more energy and enthusiasm. This can happen most effectively by facilitating linkages between the stakeholders, namely the persons with disabilities, training institutions, employers, government, industry associations and the NGOs.

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About the Research

This research study is a joint effort of Ms. Manpreet Chahal (Lecturer), Dr. Seema Sekhri (Reader) and Dr. Ritu Mathur (Reader) of Department of Fabric and Apparel Science, Lady Irwin College, New Delhi

Originally published in The Stitch Times; May 2009