How safe are the clothes we buy for our 'small people'? A report states that imported clothing from China contains unacceptable levels of toxic chemicals.


Chemicals residues on clothing are hazardous to human health. Increasing concern about global awareness has sparked the consumer's desire for organic clothing, leading more and more people to choose the nature's life style. Utmost care should be taken in the purchase of kids clothing. It should be kept in mind that they should be non toxic, eco friendly and free from chemicals, and skin irritants. A report states the shocking fact that the children's clothes imported from China contain excessive chemical content that can harm the kids.


The provincial quality and technology supervision administration has discovered the shocking fact that out of all the garments imported from China; only 53.5% meet with the safety standards. An inside information states that the garments included false information about the raw materials, color fastness, and also had excessive content of the chemical formaldehyde.


Formaldehyde is commonly used in garments as an embalming fluid to give a 'permanent press' look. Excessive content of this chemical in our clothes can cause irritation in eyes, skin, nose, and result in respiratory problems, and diseases like cancer. It can also result in headaches, skin rashes, nausea, and chronic fatigue. Just by simply touching those products, or breathing the formaldehyde they release into the air, can cause intense symptoms.


Two years ago, New Zealand's Ministry of Consumer Affairs were investigating claims that clothes with high level of formaldehyde were imported from China and sold in their country. Tests conducted on these clothing revealed levels of formaldehyde in Chinese made clothing up to 900 times more than the level known to affect humans. The Chinese made flannelette pyjamas claiming to be low fire danger has also proved futile. (Source: &sec=article&uinfo=<%=server.URLEncode(1930)%>" target="_blank"> Earlier a worldwide recall of Chinese toys was made due to high lead content. An investigative New Zealand television show revealed that 500 times more than the safe amount of formaldehyde was found in the woolen and cotton clothes imported from China.


Researches supported by the WHO (World Health Organization) states that 20 parts per million of formaldehyde is enough to be hazardous to human health. Europe has limited the chemical residue in kids clothing to a maximum of 30ppm.


If China is to increase the quality of materials and processes, it will simultaneously increase the cost of goods. Profits would be less and Chinese products would be less competitive. Entry of low cost manufacturers from China into the global market, who are less aware of the chemical risks, product regulations, safety, and childrens health, is likely to pose a serious threat.


This induces a growing concern about the Chinese clothing. Stricter regulations are needed regarding garments, especially for children's clothing.




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