The concept of jewellery has taken inspiration from our ancestors, and is used for decoration, protection, healing, and purification of body and soul.

Jewellery is the 'all time favorite' accessory for both men and women. Ancient times, people used different jewellery for healing purposes. With the span of time, the main aim of wearing jewellery was changed only for decorative reasons. Dragon jewellery is one type of new age jewellery which is believed to have healing properties, and helps the wearer to deal with the world around them. Made from sterling silver and gold, this jewellery is known as a good healer with special powers and bestows good luck to its wearer.

Dragons are always associated with various myths, and legends throughout all cultures of the world. In Chinese tradition, dragons are regarded as a concept of power guardianship, and is associated with both the worlds; heaven and earth. Dragon jewellery is believed to emanate power. Patterns are created based on metaphysical ideologies, and possess cosmic reflections. The jewellery is designed to improvise the quality of life with deeper meanings for concealed powers. Dragons feature heavily in many collections as foundations for pav and other enhancements.

Jewellery to outlive fashion Trends:

Jewellery trends outlive the fashion trends, and stay for a longer time. Timeless jewellery trends emerge and exhibit their glamour throughout all seasons. Dragon jewellery studded with pav diamonds, sapphires, and rubies give the appealing 3 dimensional effect. Dragon brooches have a unique breathtaking effect when diamonds are set against yellow gold.

Dragon pendants, rings, earrings, and necklaces are always in fad. Made with love, optimism and beauty, combined with the dragon's wisdom, beautiful pieces of dragon jewellery are preferred by many. Brooches are big news again, and can be worn with other accessories to compliment each other. Multi colored gems enable the designers to exhibit their imagination and create works of art that are captivating.

Chinese jewellery finds way into other Asian Markets:

Generally Asian people like to wear jewellery according to fashion and trends. Chinese jewellery is related to good luck, prosperity, and longevity. Jewellery market is China has the potential to become the third largest; globally next to North America, and Europe. Demand for Chinese jewellery is growing rapidly and domestic markets display continuous prosperity. Chinese brands such as Caibai Jewellery, Yuewang, and Colorful Yunnan were selected as famous brands of China during 2006.

In an exclusive interview with &sec=article&uinfo=<%=server.URLEncode(1948)%>" target="_blank">Fibre2fashion, officials from Choi Tai Fook, a popular Chinese jewellery brand state, that their brand mainly targets Southeast Asian women fond of Chinese traditional culture instilled in the exclusive designs. Their latest dragon themed line of jewellery is a result of an inspiration from the ancient Chinese tradition. The designs are a perfect blend of modernity and conventional artistry.

Dragon jewellery is very stylish and is available in a range of prices that everyone can afford. It also serves as treasured gifts, and reflective keepsakes for family, friends, and special people of our life. They are more than just fashion accessories.


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