Ever thought about the industrial fire hoses which are no longer useful? Recycling has its own creative applications to these hoses.

Everyone wishes to look classy, and own fashionable accessories. To look stylish and buy products to fit the kind of lifestyle requires a ransom. In todays world of increasing consciousness towards ecological living, one has to choose products that are both trendy and also environmentally friendly. Many textiles; though inherently beautiful are still sent to the landfill. Modish handbags made from recycled fire hoses are now an emerging trend in the market. They solve a twofold purpose of being trendy, and ecological.

These trendy looking handbags have an exciting story behind them. Passion for recycling has gone to such extent, that its creative and useful applications have now entered into fire hoses as well. After helping to save people from the deadly tongues of fire, these hoses are recycled and used innovatively for making beautiful and elegant handbags, wallets, and belts. One will never be able to observe that these beautiful tote bags and belts were one destined as a landfill.

Quality handbags and belts are made from decommissioned fire hoses which are used in that field for more than 30 years. Recycled hose is both fire and water resistant. Dirt and grime are removed, and the hoses undergo green process where it transforms the 'once' fire hoses into classic handbags. Adding to its ecological applications, lining for these handbags are made from reclaimed office furniture. Designed with a mobile holder, two exterior pockets, and a spacious zipped pocket, they make an ideal day bag. It also has two straps to fit perfectly on the shoulder. Stylish and durable, these bags make absolute and irresistible fashion accessories. As these handbags are made from recycled fire hose, they are shower proof making a perfect cover for things during the monsoon. Maintenance is also easy as well. A cloth dipped in natural oil or vinegar is enough to clean the bag and make it spotless; once again.

Attractive belts, wallets, card holders are also made from this material. Basic material being taken from recycled fire hoses, the supplementary materials are also taken from other recycled sources making the process completely sustainable. While reclaimed office furniture is used as lining material in handbags, reclaimed sailing cloth from racing boats are used in wallets.

Recycled fire hose accessories make a good choice for a perfect gift. Being a sustainable green gesture, they make a good substitute for ties, shirts, and watches. This gift not only augments to ecological living, but is also a way to honor the profession of a fire fighter and his hose whose tasks are priceless. By buying these products, consumers can reduce the wastages cluttering the planet.

The green process of recycling has breathed new life into old and retired fire hoses. Classic, and timeless in beauty, these products are eco friendly and at the same time satisfy the want of the owner to look fashionable as well.


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