Fight to grab a market pie between big and small is very base of nature and history. However; who paramount who, shall always depend upon the legal, economic, social, environmental, political, and psychological needs of nation and their consumers. Therefore, it is imperative to know, besides this rivalry between these two, Consumers always paramount and enjoy the status of being the decision maker. As I discussed in my last article "Tail of Retail" [1] about the hold and power of customers.

In this article, I will bring up my own experience to the readers, how these giant stores are snatching the bread butter of small stores, but in return also contributing to the GDP of country by creating employment opportunities and family shopping under one roof. At one side, Small retailers are giving a customized service and personal touch to the products, other side big retailers are throwing facilities to customers considering all with fair treatment to new and frequent customers.

I try to explain in tabular form to get the fair idea of two strong contenders.

Giant Stores

Small Street Stores

Vast sprawling halls filled with arranged merchandise stuffed in very systematic manner, to attract the customers to buy at least something.

A small hall/room like a size of drawing room/bedroom with unarranged merchandise stuffed as per the convenience of seller.

Popping up sales tag writing was /before and now prices

Only few selected merchandise tag with discounts or else depends on the favor offered to customers as per their frequency.

Customers are free to choose anything, anytime, as much quantity as want to buy.

Customers have very limited access to merchandise, always presented as per the request made for.

Equal treatment to all customers buying $1 to $1000/.

Treatment as per their buying capability and past buying frequency and loyalty. No fair treatment policy.

Equal discounts and offers to all customers, irrespective to their visits to the store.

Treatment as per their personal relationships, Little extra discounts to frequent and loyal buyers.

Products with all brands and sizes are available

Products with limited brands and feasible sizes are available.

No home delivery clause in their business.

Sometimes may provide considering past relationship.

No bargains possible pay as tagged.

Very much in nature of this scale of business, Always charge less than the tagged price.

Above are the features of their services/range/scale/relationship with customers. Since, we are emphasizing on the imperativeness of Giant stores with Small stores and their Strategies to gain the business. I try to highlight the positive and negative aftermaths of Giant stores to economy