Fancy yarns are mainly used for the aesthetic value of the textile products. These yarns are produced by deliberate discontinuity technique or interruption introduced of either in color in form or in both. In discontinuity technique, Variety of enhanced aesthetic effects is possible. In this study the fancy yarn was produced using schlofhorst open-end spinning machine. The fancynation is the main component having inbuilt software system to produce fancy yarn in OE machine. Fancy yarn produced in this system having complex in structure, and has higher strength with flexibility and very good stretch properties. Using these fancy yarn single jersey knitted fabric has been produced using circular knitting machine. The characteristics such as dyeability, spirality, shrinkage, wickability were critically analyzed in this study.


Aesthetic value, schlofhorst open-end spinning machine, fancynation, circular knitting machine, dyeability, spirality, shrinkage, wickability.

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About The Authors

T. Ramachandren is Prof. & Head of the Dept. of Textile Technology, PSG College of Technology and T. K. Rajasekaran is Lecturer in Dept of Garment Technology GRG Polytechnic College