Cotton, the king of apparel textile substrates, has the purest form of natural cellulosic fiber and owing to its inherent characteristics is the most preferred fiber for formal wear. Availability of cotton grown in field, be by the conventional cultivation or by organic standard methods and ease of its blending with any other fiber to provide comfort characteristics for high quality apparel garments make it most suitable textile fiber world over.

Out of the various dye classes used for Cotton dyeing, Reactive dyes occupy the highest share followed by Vat dyes.

The cotton yarn dyed - stripes, checks patterned woven shirts and knitted garments, prominently features in most of the high value brands. For such applications the super fine count quality cotton yarn is usually dyed in package form, woven with un-dyed grey or bleached yarn and then further processed with treatments like mercerization, wrinkle free finishing etc.

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Source: Technical Service, Atul Ltd. (Colors Division), Atul- Valsad, Gujarat, India