Wool is believed to be the first 'animal fiber' used for apparel textile by human being from as early as 4000 BC. Even after the advent of a number of synthetic fibers in the last century, wool has maintained its importance & prominent position owing to its unique characteristics of providing warmth & comfort.

The major usage of wool is divided into 3 categories, apparel ware (suits, coats, sweater, socks, shawls) carpets, furnishing material & industrial applications like machine belts, felts, durries.

Wool fiber is generally obtained from Sheep (also to some extent from other animals like Camel, Goat, Rabbit, Mohair, Yak, etc.). There are 40 different breeds of sheep in the world producing more than 200 types of wool fibers of varying standards. The qualities vary depending on whether the fiber is 'Sheared' from the living animal or taken from the skin of slaughtered sheep, area of the body, age & sex of the animal.

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Source: Technical Service, Atul Ltd. (Colors Division), Atul- Valsad, Gujarat, India