Compact Spinning & Conventional Spinning

After advent of compact spinning, yarn quality parameter has changed, especially in respect of hairiness, strength and in some respect Imperfection. Here is a research work in respect of modified spacer and cradle in further improvement of yarn quality of compact yarn & conventional yarn. Today, the main goal of companies is to achieve improved yarn quality that will ensure better competitiveness and higher yarn prices. Current spinning technology developing is aimed at how to maintain higher productivity with effective quality control, by selecting suitable equipments and spinning conditions to match with the raw materials. So modern developments of machinery, labor demand and increasing market competition compel the spinners to produce as satisfactory yarn as is economically possible.


The article presents the comparison of modified spacer and cradle VS normal. I have analyzed and compared the physical mechanical etc; parameters from the same raw material and same spindles were performed, in different modern group mills with state of the art machines / normal machines are described within this work. The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of modified and normal spacers and cradles on yarn quality in compact and normal spinning and to compare the produced yarn, especially Imperfection (long/short).

Key words: Conventional spinning, compact spinning, normal spacers, modified spacer, normal cradle, modified cradle yarns, imperfection (IPI), uniformity (U %)

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About The Author:

The author is specialized in Compact Spinning, having 2 decades of rich experience in reputable groups and mills. He is also the writer of a book on "Statistical quality control".