A stitch in time saves nine

Toll is the key to keep machine productive and proper/ effective tools helps to reduce machine down time. Where as technological tools not only help to maintain production but also control quality production with in quality limits and its very true in Spinning. Only one bobbin out of its quality limits out of millions bobbins can down grade/reject product in down stream process.

Give a man a fish; he will eat well that night; Teach him how to fish; he will eat every night.

Maintenance is the key point to keep production and quality up-to mark and remain competitive. For its proper and up-to date technological tools are must, not only must but also to use them properly and timely.Man behind gun with full of skill and patience is very much important in this respect.

Poor maintenance is one of the major causes for low yarn and fabric quality. In fact, maintenance contributes as much to the quality of production as modernization of machines. Good maintenance also ensures long life to machine parts, prevents deterioration in quality and productivity over long period of time, provided good working conditions and eliminates the causes of accidents. On the other hand, the cost of good maintenance is not much. It has been noticed that there is not much difference in expenditure between well maintained and poorly maintained mills.

However, unlike other areas of managerial activity such as modernization, good maintenance depends not on a single decision of the top management but on the co-operation of management, supervisory staff and workers. It is the responsibility of the management to provide the necessary facilities and materials and introduce a well thought-out system of maintenance. This has to be implemented with competence and conscientiousness by the departmental staff as well as the workers concerned. It means successful maintenance is the result of a large number of small decisions taken at various levels and their consistent implementation.

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The author is specialized in Compact Spinning, having 2 decades of rich experience in reputable groups and mills. He is also the writer of a book on "Statistical quality control".