Stop - Alert- Go...The Garment Industry

I. The Intro:

Why each garment requires more attention at the stage of production and after production?

The question is so simple than the reply!

The quality of the product may be obtained by testing a particular property of a material on different types of testing instruments. The main question of textile testing can be covered by answering the following questions:

  • Why do we test a product?
  • What do we test?
  • When do we test the material?

Trying to get the answers for the above will be the remaining of this chapter.

Because textile product meets various physical, chemical and mechanical processes during pre-production and various stresses put on the garment during post production.

After all it is made by a fabric, meant by combination / criss-cross of yarns, we can say like textured or interlacing of warp & weft yarns. So it may affect by the above mentioned processes.

So that, each and every foreign buyer wants some testing parameters or check points to be checked on the garment or fabric to meet out the end-use of the apparel, otherwise as per the client or consumer's wish.

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The author is Guest Lecturer in SSM Academy, Erode Institute of Technology.