Destiny of the 'once before' cheap Ankara fabrics, have undergone a magical transformation. Elegant creativity of the designers has made it a preferred choice of the rich and celebrities.

Ankara is a fabric that was normally reserved for cultural festivities. People felt that this fabric was too flowery, and too colorful. Formerly referred as Dutch was from Holland; this fabric acquired its current name ankara when the Turks made a cheaper version of the fabric. Without a glamorous look, the fabric was regarded indigenous.

There was a time, when ankara textiles were regarded as the fabric of the poor. But today, the fabric has undergone a magic transformation to become a choice of rich and famous. Fabrics which were once considered as out of fashion has changed to become a sizzling fad. Nowadays, ankara fabric has become an inevitable part of any social functions. Fashion designers have sensed this trend, and are coming up with appealing designs to capture the apparel market.

Ankara fabric is believed to have its origin from a girl named Ankara. This fabric is usually made of 100% cotton and posses good strength when woven tightly. Good apparels tailored from these fabrics are expensive.

Ankara in the Fashion World:

This traditional African fabric has infiltrated the fashion world as well. Blended with other matching fabrics and with a good design, ankara fabrics are the fancy of many people. The appeal of the finished product depends on the creativity, and skills of the designer. Fashion gurus like Lunar, Aimas, Tiffany Amber, MoMo, Gloss, and Cranberry have breathed new life into the fabric through their experience and creativity. Available in alluring designs, ankara graces catwalks and has won laurels. Since it is a cotton fabric with different motifs, this fabric can be used for both office and formal occasions. A printed outfit with small motifs will make a perfect clothing.

This fabric has infinite creative applications like shirts, bags, clothes, dresses etc. Styles, and designs available for this cloth are endless which makes all people; men and women, young, and the aged become glued to it. Ankara has made a come back in a big way with modern patterns, and vibrant colors.

Ankara posses the capabilities of being able to dye faster and did not get stained much. Due to its virtues, this fabric was considered as a competitor of the Western adire cloth. As Nigeria is a fashion savvy part of Africa has taken the fabric, improved them, and has represented it to the world. Nigeria being a big market, offers vast potential for the manufacture and sales of ankara. But, smuggling, and unfair trade practices in the nation has affected the local production.

Ankara fabrics have been the desired choice of African women. Due to its affordability, this garment was once considered suitable for under privileged. But with the lapse of time, the fabric found favor with contemporary fashion, and modern styles. Ankara has its own virtues, and looks more graceful when tailored in the right way.


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