There is rigid competition in the jewellery retail business and every day changes in customers demand and needs. With the change of customer behavior you shall concentrate on retaining customer. Efforts to sell and promotion are no longer working as it used to be earlier. You have to spend lot of money on advertising and other marketing polices. In such a scenario, it is pertinent that the retailers iron out their inefficiencies in order to maximize sales, more so considering that they are the ones who are in direct touch with the end consumers. The question is how to respond to this challenge, remain competitive and gain market share.


Do you realize that you can increase your sale without spending money on advertising? How would you, feel if you could build a one to one relationship with each and every customer to the point where they will work as marketing executive for your business? Earlier the shopkeeper waited for new customer to step into his shop but were not considered their existed customers. Changing of time now shopkeeper understand their old customers are as important as seeking new. It costs less to sell to existing customer whom you already have than to sale new customer, so give strength to the roots of faith.


Keep in touch with existing customers


Always stay in touch with your existing customers. Remember it is easier to maintain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Make them feel special by offering them "special customer only" services. Maintain a follow-up schedule for customers. Remind them that you are there to help them with their future purchases. Use your data base to keep track of clients' preferences and inform them about new arrivals.


Focus on existing customers


The Customer is king so more attentively listen them. Don't neglect them; concentrate over their demands so it will be easy to understand what they want.


Make the customer your brand ambassador. Keep in notice all theirs compliments and their satisfaction for your products, their variety, packaging or display asks them to get it batter. Most people won't mind doing this, especially if what they have said is completely honest. You could say something like: "Thank you for your compliment! Can you please put that in writing for me so that I may use it as a testimonial to show my prospective customers?"


Not only take their suggestions guide your customer about your product, Help customers when they seeking your advices i.e. what would be the ideal gift for their fiances


Don't avoid existing customer:

Once I wanted to buy a gift for my sister's wedding. A very simple lady came to store; no one wanted to attend her. I asked them why you are ignoring her. They whispered that she is very talkative and fussy. After a while a New salesman attend her listen her calmly. He understood her choice and made sale of 60000$ necklace to her. It was a great wondering job done by him and it taught me that if new costumers are gold then old costumers are precious like diamond.


Astonish customers with perks:


Offer incentives to existing customers for more referrals, like a discount off their next purchase, or freebies. Such genuine feedback can reinforce your prospective customer's faith in your products and attract them to your store.


Various sorts of perks work by pulling in the customers for later purchases and make your showroom the most often used store.


Attempt for add-on sales, as soon as the main purchase is done-which is when your customer is most vulnerable.