The term Smart Visual Merchandising is the way in which the stores display the products electronically. The way in which you display the products to attract the customers and make them easy for shopping .Store displays have an impact on the consumer.

Visual Merchandising is all about keeping the right merchandise for the display and also using the space effectively. This white paper gives information about how Visual Merchandising is changing its shape into a newer version called "Smart Visual Merchandising".

Attributes of Visual Merchandising:

The fig1 depicts about various attributes of Visual Merchandising. As the title suggests Smart Visual Merchandising fig2 shows how Visual Merchandising can be transformed into a smarter model.

The tools used to achieve these attributes are based on creating the most satisfying experience for the shopper, turning web user into buyers.

  • Store presentation and product merchandising: can be made available to the consumers by means of mannequins in different categories like Men's wear, Women's wear and Kid's wear .The way in which you visually represent any apparel product in a right fashion to clearly distinguish between the brands.

Fig1: Shows how Visual Merchandising is implemented in most of the Retail Stores

  • Sub-element: Design a distinctive logo that communicates your mission. Not only will you use this as a storefront sign, but it could also be applied with graphics film on the floor as a welcome mat. And you can use the displays that could be printed on merchandise and point of sale signage.

The way merchandise is displayed in show windows also has a lot to do with tantalizing the guests into the store. Whether you have a store in the mall or on the street, the customer has only a few seconds to view and be attracted by your displays. Your visual philosophy should replicate a billboard: make it bold, colorful, and simple. Baby shops often put one of everything into the window and customer miss it all because they cannot focus.