Not only the manufacturers, and suppliers, but retailers and brands are also providing environmentally friendly solutions.

Be it a man or woman, young or aged, denim is a favorite apparel for everyone. Denim is an integral part of every one's wardrobe. The underlying fact behind every fashionable denim is that is plays a fatal role in causing environmental pollution. A recent report states that, one pair of jeans consumes around 3,480 liters of water and 32 kilograms of carbon dioxide during the course of its lifecycle. 15-20 chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process of one single jean. More than its manufacturing process, much environmental impact is caused by the consumption of water and energy during the laundering of jeans at homes.

Today most manufacturers focus on reducing wastages, minimizing energy utilization, and eliminating toxic materials from their manufacturing process. Eco denim is the new generation for denim apparels. These are made from 100% organic cotton, spinning dyeing and finishing. In the processing of these apparels only natural products are used. Potato starch is used in place of other chemical substances. Even for its trims recycled buttons, zippers and other materials are used. For the dyeing part natural indigo is used for blue colors.

Market for Eco denims:

Market for eco denim is more consumers driven. Therefore, communicating with the consumers is a more factor while marketing for these apparels. Most of the consumers are not fully aware of the virtues of buying eco denims. So, unaware of its intrinsic worth, they move in for buying some other outfits. The apparel should also include a small description about its organic nature, and its benefits to mankind.

International brands such as Kuyichi, Levi's, Serfontaine, Arne & Carlos, Linda Loudermilk, and Loomstate offer renowned eco denims. Global demand for denim is estimated to increase by 5% on an average. With the increasing concern of environmentally friendly lifestyle, there is a potential market for eco denims. Normally eco denim falls under the category of premium denim class.The consumers, who are unable to go for expensive eco denims go for other alternatives.

Fashion Focused denims:

Fashion and quality are equally important. While the consumer is well aware about the threats if global warming, and would prefer to embrace eco friendly products, fashion is also considered as an important aspect while shopping for clothes. As people examine how green is their own lifestyle, it also influences their shopping for apparels. While eco denims have their own virtues, fashion is a matter that becomes a prime consideration for shoppers especially those who prefer denim apparels.

Ecological lifestyle is the art of living according to ones dreams while minimizing the impact on the environment. Eco fashion is all in rage now. So are you ready to get into a pair of eco denims?


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