The first ever International Conference on "Steering Mature Business: A Leadership Challenge to Textile Industry" held on October 3rd and 4th in Ahmedabad, in the once so called Manchester of the East. There were over 200 plus industry leaders and stakeholders from the textile industry present on the occasion. The conference has been organised by &sec=article&uinfo=<%=server.URLEncode(2202)%>" target="_blank">Fibre2fashion, the leading global B2B website for the textile, apparel and fashion industry in association with Ahmedabad Management Association; a pioneer in the management movement.

Dr. J.N. Singh, Joint Secretary, Textiles, Government of India; spoke at length on the strengths of the domestic markets which totaled to US$32 billion and which was projected and had the potential to reach $180 billion in 2035. With regards to exports he said from the current levels of $22 billion, it could reach $125 billion by 2035.

In his presentation, Mr. JN Singh expressed his concern over the fact that, as one moves across the value chain (fabric and garments), the installed capacities and production quality and quantity reduce very precipitously. He said India had a very low labour cost, compared to most of the countries except for Vietnam, Bangladesh and Pakistan, which can be turned into an opportunity.

But with all the advantages, was it possible to reap the rewards? Not completely, he said, instead he suggested that we should also put emphasis on trying to market the cultural and traditional textiles and handicrafts, distinctive to each region of India. He also spoke about the initiatives taken by the incumbent government to support the sector and assured all help to the industry in its holistic development.

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