Weddings fashion has evolved over the past few years. Theusual wedding gowns of white cloth (symbolizing purity) are slowly beingreplaced by pastel colored gowns of various textiles. Some brides even choosebright colors for the bridal gowns. Even the usual ceremony for a wedding waschanged. Nowadays a wedding ceremony can be held anywhere, even in exoticplaces.

Due to these changes even the footwear for the brides haveadapted to its evolution. The usual covered shoes and high heeled sandals areslowly being replaced by jeweled flip flops and sandals. However, do take notethat it is not just an ordinary flip flop. Some of these flip flops have realjewels on them.

It is quite understandable that a bride would prefer flipflops over high heeled shoes or sandals. Who would want to suffer aching feetall throughout the ceremony and wedding receptions? The unendurable pain ofenclosed feet in a tight high heeled shoe could make anybody grimace with painand you would not want these to reflect on your wedding photos or even have theguest think that this is a shotgun wedding.

Bridal flip flops are becoming well acclaimed all over theworld. It is not only comfortable but the bride can move with ease and withoutworrying that they might trip on her wedding dress.

Another factor that the bride prefers wearing sandals is thelocation of the wedding. It is popular among weddings to be held in exoticplaces or somewhere where there will be sunshine during their wedding day. Itwould definitely be uncomfortable to wear high heeled shoes on a hot day or onthe sands.

The jeweled flip flops would allow the bride to mingle anddance with her guest without discomfort. You can easily imagine the long hoursof wearing a high heeled enclosed shoes and what discomfort it can give thewearer. The wedding ceremony up to the reception would take long hours. Itwould be easier for the bride to be in comfortable footwear to enjoy herspecial day with her husband. Bridal flip flops have different designs. Themost worn and popular flip flop is the ivory or white colored one with satin,taffeta, or silk ribbons designs. In some designs, you will see rhinestones,Swarovski crystals, and even diamonds attached to the brides' footwear. You canalso have a choice between flat back flip flops and platform or heeled sandals.

To have jewels added to the bridal sandals makes it moreelegant and romantic looking on the brides' well-manicured feet. The usual flipflops are made from rubber but a bride can opt for crystal ones to make it morechic and stylish.

Sandals have become popular even with celebrities due to itscomfort and affordability. Now the brides can enjoy their wedding withoutsuffering swelling feet the following day. Looking radiant and comfortable allthrough out her wedding would surely make it a memorable day.

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