Chinese dyestuff industry, the largest producer and consumer of dyestuff in the world registered negative growth in 2008. Total Chinas dyestuff production in 2008 was reported as 678,000 tons exceeding 50% of world total production while total consumption recorded as 502,300 tons. There are more than 300 Chinese producers contributing total dyestuff production capacity of about 800,000 tons.










In the year 2008 total foreign trade volume of dyes and organic pigments were 471,679 tons out of which dye exports were 236,000 tons and organic pigments exports were 152,086 tons (including preparations). Dye imports for the year were 60,300 tons while organic pigment imports were 23,293 tons (including preparations).

Among exported dyestuffs Disperse dye accounted for 37.9% of total exported volume, which was followed by Reactive dye for 18.1%, Sulfur dye for 14.9% and Vat dye (mainly Indigo) for 10.2%.