Milestone in the garment design is basic construction development, because it defines garment silhouette, contouring degree and fit quality. Though quality fit surveillance of basic construction is labour-intensive process. That's why at the modern CAD system market there is a necessity of creation of cheap and rather accuracy subsystem of 3dimensiional dummy development with ability of virtual fit of designed by modeler garments. This problem decision has been already reflected in the range of CAD programs. However, methods of definition of graphic model of person's body usually don't serve the purpose of industrial garment design. And graphic model, by itself, as usual supports limited functional load.

Following image methods of graphic model of person's body in CAD can be singled out:

  • as virtual industrial dummy, constructed by main body's anthropomorphic measurements (main function of such dummy is 3dimensional garment visualization);
  • as dynamic dummy (such dummy is supposed for virtual demonstration of garment and usually doesn't correspond to body's anthropomorphic measurements) ;
  • as virtual model, resulted by scanning particular body method (function of such dummy is virtual fitting) (this dummies are not used for the industrial purposes because of high costs of hardware).

Function of construction of only separate parts of body's graphic model that is realized in modern CAD, limits scope of functions solved by the means of automated system. Nowadays, development of 3D subsystem <Eleandr-Cad> at the Garment Technology department of Moscow State University of Design and Technology takes place. It permits the use of 3dimensional space at different stages of new garment design. Also in the subsystem was implemented ability to define bodys graphic model as interrelated parametrical display of:

  • stylized model (for artistic sketch of the model designs)
  • model of industrial dummy (for development of technical design of new garments)
  • model of individual dummy (for virtual fitting of particular customer's figure)
  • dynamic dummy (for quality and comfort assessment)

For construction of graphic model of person's body 32 main body's anthropomorphic measurements and 342 additional measurements are used. Use of the 3d subsystem <Eleandr-Cad> will increase industrial efficiency significantly. Ability of object visualization, and wide set of tools for work with 2- and 3-dimensional object models helps to simplify modeler's work to its lowest terms. And also it increases its efficiency due to the pattern quality improvement and the end product as a result.


Getmanzeva V.V. is Senior Lecturer of the GT department; Obuchova M. and Kotereva M. are St. of the GT department.