The very mention of the word aroma, gives us a feel-good sensation because aroma suggests odors that are pleasant and appealing to the senses. The terms aromatherapy and aromachology and their role in the pharmaceutical industry is an already established field of research. Now, these studies have been extended into the textile industry as well. This is because, textiles, referred to as second skin, form a major consumer-based industry. It is dictated and driven by, according, to the customers requirements, based on which various novel value additions are done to fabrics and garments time and again to satisfy that customer. This paper on Aroma Textiles highlights the various techniques that can possibly be adopted to engineer textile products that can emit aroma. The paper begins by defining the terms aroma, aromachology, aromatherapy. Then, the need for aroma textiles is discussed. It is followed by a detailed discussion on microencapsulation techniques for producing aroma textiles and finally the paper talks about the market potential of these aroma textiles.

Key words: aroma chemicals, microencapsulation, cyclodextrins.

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The author is associated with A. C. Tech, Anna University, Guindy, Chennai