"The True Mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible" Oscar Wild

For considerable time we have nurtured a common interest in the obvious but generally unnoticed qualities of things. Attracted by the hidden beauty in our natural and manmade environment, we become fascinated by textures, patterns and colors. Recording the ever-recurring visual patterns of nature and of diverse artifacts, we noticed striking similarities between them and wondered if this were the result of principle of order, active in both man and nature.

When we juxtaposed the results of our observations-ranging from scenic views of landscapes and cities to close-ups of objects from fine art, crafts and daily life-they proved to display a number of constants, such as dots, lines and elementary figures. These elements, irrespective of there origin appeared to us to be the basic ingredients of a universal language of patterns.

Actually natural elements with all diversities become one of the fashion sources, which give the natural touch to textile products and give the comfort to the human eyes and filling.

On our study, we try to put some basis of natural ornaments analysis to generate ornaments and use on jacquard fabric design using the computer.

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Mr. M. M. Amer is Professor for Textile Design in Faculty of applied arts, Textile Dept at Helwan University, Egypt