The aspect on novel azo disperse dyes containing immidazol-5-one moiety has been undertaken.The hydroxyl benzilidene containing imidazol-5-one has been prepared and use as a coupler for the novel azo disperse dyes. All the resulted novel azo disperse dyes have been characterized by spectral properties and the dyeing properties as disperse dyes have been assessed on polyester and nylon fibres. These dyes have been found to give a range of yellow to reddish orange shades with very good depth and levelness on each fibre. The percentage dye bath exhanstion and fixation on different fibres has been found to be reasonably good and acceptable. The dyed fibres show fair to good fastness to light, washing and rubbing.

Keywords: Imidazol-5-one, IR, NMR, elemental analyses, dyeing, fastness properties.


Azo dyes account for more than half the total of disperse dyes and now a days cover virtually the whole of the spectrum. These dyes are mostly based on aromatic amines, benzidine derivatives and naphthalene based diazo compound1. Recently most of the benzidine based dyes have been banned all over the world due to their carcinogenic and toxic nature2. Some of the dyes based on heterocyclic rings system possess high tinctorial power and excellent fastness properties3. Certain heterocyclic which couple in homocyclic ring are found to the more bathochromic than the corresponding and uncyclised compounds because of increased electron donation by the terminal nitrogen atom 4. Imidazole derivatives have been extensively investigated for both colourant and pharmaceutical end use5. Very recently few synthesis and application of azo disperse dye derived from imidazole moiety have been reported6-7.

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Vishalkumar A. Patel is a correspondence author and is associated with V.P. & R.P.T.P. Science College, Chemistry Department, Gujarat .Dhirubhai J. Desai and Kanuprasad D. Patel are associated with V.P. & R.P.T.P. Science College, Chemistry Department, Gujarat