The theory of big bang-explains the continuous expansion of universe from one rigid solid ball to dispersed particles. Like wise Global retailing explains the story from one local town label to their globalization and branding. Retailing is expanding massively from street fashion label to international fashion chain.

Nevertheless fashion is fastest growing industry, which entails billions of $s of business. It takes decades to build up the brand but seconds to fall off.

Let us discuss, how the seed of private fashion label convert into tulip and stands like a vast sprawling ever blooming global fashion brand

The globalization of fashion retailing goes as:

Let us discuss with the practical examples of global retail.

We will consider some US/Canadian based Fashion store chain interested in launching their first store abroad. After going through the market studies and demand, they found China/India/Egypt and South Africa have the potential buyers for their products. They decide to penetrate in India, Since Indian population is English speaking and trust on North American quality. Their international market penetration strategies will be:

  • Political stability of India (Central govt. system, past political structure)
  • Security of region (Riots, Domestic non acceptance of products, Terrorist activities, Climatic conditions)
  • Foreign policy for international trade (Non expatriation of funds, % of foreign joint venture, nationalization of trade, exchange policy, currency exchange rate )
  • Social, economical, geographical structure (Literacy rate, income levels, family status, family density, Logistic and road transportation system, telecommunication, internet services)
  • Family, Religion, traditions and culture (Festivals, dressing sense, fashion, interests, hobbies)
  • Investment and finance (Nevertheless India is more expensive than US and Canada, project cost is pretty much higher) though banks, financial institution are little supportive.

Based on thorough study and investigation of above-mentioned aspects, deciding the below factors are very important to start up the project.

  • Product price (Same as parent stores, higher or lower price)
  • Location of retail store(Independent building, Malls, Strip Malls, Hybrid markets South ext., GK- 1M)
  • Target population(Income level, Status)
  • Competitors (Lacoste, UCB, Levis, Next, Tommy)
  • Size of the store (regular size 100sft, vast sprawling halls like Sears, Target, Lifestyle)
  • Merchandise strategies (specialize merchandise, section system)
  • Visual merchandising (Displays, Mannequin settings, Wall colors, Store layout, logo display)
  • Promotional activities (TV commercials, News Paper, Pham plats, Fashion Magazines, Road sign hoardings, Commercials on Public transportation and Bus stops)
  • Buying Decisions (Manufacturing in India, China -Cost Benefit Analysis)
  • HR Issues (Mix management(North American/Indian) of this whole venture, all other Store managers, associates, merchandisers, buyers must be Indian to understand the language, traditions, festivals and culture)

All of them are important aspects of Global retail strategies; nevertheless buying decisions can have considerable impact on this complete global project. In terms of manufactured clothing in India, it makes product less expensive, gives employment to Indian labor and professionals. Ultimately, benefits to Indian economy. This economic benefit leads to encouragement to ventures by the Govt.

Since global retail project is ongoing exercise, successful penetration makes the product globally competitive and reputed. One successful penetration leads to opening up more stores and customer base.

This brand building and penetration exercise in own region and international land takes many years. It takes gallons of bloodshed, tons of pain to build up the brand and survive. Nevertheless, erecting towers and buildings are only few months project. Building a pyramid takes several decades to complete.

The author is student of Post Graduate in International Business at George Brown College, Canada