Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)& SAP ( software solution built for the proper functioning of the ERP) can play a vital role in the flourishing of the textile industry .ERP&SAP combines a different departments like finance, human resources , machine management , industrial machine management, sales & marketing ,quality control etc into a single , integrated software program that runs off a single database so that various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other.

ERP&SAP solution helps in the proper functioning of the business process. It makes the business process moves like a bolt of lighting through the organization, and customers get their orders faster and with fewer errors than before.

There are many slacks in use of manpower, energy, fuel, textile material, and other processing materials in textile industry. It helps in the optimal uses of manufacturing resources.

It also supports the other management areas such as Finance Control, Human Capital Investment, Industrial Machinery & Components etc.

It also supports the proper functioning of the E- manufacturing .It integrates customers, e-commerce system, and suppliers into the manufacturing process to provide an internet based strategic framework for the factory.

In present paper I have dicussed the case studies of the two different national level textile industries are studied in this paper. The companies are Krishna group of industries& Madura group of industries.

Thus, ERP& SAP solution & success of any industry are synonym of each other. It helps in achieving pinnacle in the market share for the company.

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The Authors are students of Govt. Poly., NAGPUR

This paper was presented at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai in the VASTRA 2010 a two day event held on Feb 19th & 20th, 2010