The general sequence of processes carried out on Grey cotton cloth is as follows:

The colour white is indicative of truth,purity,honesty and serenity. Theres a feeling of happy emotion when one wears a white garment . We come across a number of white objects such as paper,aluminium foil,white painted walls,and ceilings, milk, a precipitate of Barium Sulphate,chalk stick,magnesium oxide block, chemically bleached cotton dhotis,and sarees,ordinary white clothes,treated with laundry blue ( Ultramarine bluepigment),dazzling white or extra white clothes,etc etc. Even though all these above are called white objects the degree of whiteness in each of them varies.Some of them look whiter, yellowish , some have a faint bluish tone and others look brighter. The colour white plays a traditional role in workwear ,sportswear, uniforms,any cultural function, etc.

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