The textile is the widest field which contributes major percentage of economy. At present the textile manufacturing has shifted to Asian countries and there has been a huge potential in India.

Why textile industries not growing and also why big groups are not coming up widely in India?

As the common belief for textile industries is that it is a labor oriented industry & this belief is required to change.

One of the biggest barrier in the growth of textile industry is the inability to deliver the consistent quality product and the higher cost to exhaust Europe and US potential market .

The big groups are reluctant to enter the textile industry as uncertainties prevail because of unorganized manufacturing system and long payback.

For any manufacturing systems we need machine, method, material, man & environment.

Machine: For any manufacturing we need machinery which produce international standard quality. In spinning and weaving we have developed to a great extend but in dyeing and processing still we are working with conventional technology and not ready to take latest technical know-how. For processing we should have proper machine setup and technical know-how which is suitable in terms of required product manufacturing which benefited in terms of minimum man-power, cost effectiveness & flawless consistent quality manufacturing.

Method: Today method is one of the key aspect to the successful running of the operation and which is open and available worldwide, but our technician has set pat theories in mind which does not allow to change traditional approach and try to adopt new methodologies.

Material : Material is commonly available but we don't have proper system to analyze the quality standard because for the any manufacturing the outcome is depended on how perfect and consistent are your input and so we need to standardize material inputs and required to adopt modern lean manufacturing system like Kanban system.

Man : The common belief that man are bound to make mistake and textile is a lab our oriented industry and we are more depend on labour to get the good consistent quality and cost effective manufacturing which is not possible. So we need to change our manufacturing more towards systems orientation, atomization and adopt modern manufacturing culture.

Environment: The prevailing work environment and culture is still old working with illiterates and uncultured work force. Due to that new generation and new culture cannot adjust. So we need to build such culture which allow and attract literate and educated new generation to our industry & the growth of textile industry is not possible without that.

Textile is Basic industry and Synthetic is most comfortable to all atmosphere and cost effective so there is world wide big potential. Looking world scenario Europe, U,S. even Japan countries can not afford to run this industries and now recently

China also cost increased so there is big opportunity for India. But my worry is that in India we are still working with 40 years old technology, methods, machines and illiterate workers and staff. So by this way we can not supply good and consistent quality and big orders in time and one day we may loose this opportunity We have to bring change in our culture.